This allows their employees

Those who want to practice their short game as well as golf course employees. Your short game practice is made easier because all you need to do is grab the top part of the bag by the metal handle that you hold on to as you pick up your balls. The ball will keep moving up the cylinder until it falls into the bag. A golf shag bag allows you to practice your short game almost anywhere as it makes practicing much easier.

Another use of golf shag bags are at country clubs and resorts. Others who play at a high level go ahead and purchase new balls to use in their practice bags. Once depressed, the ball will load up into the shaft and is secured without ever bending over to pick up a golf ball. The other in between option is to purchase some refurbished golf balls to fill your bag. With a practice bag, you can practice at the golf course, in your back yard or in a local park.
. This allows their employees to pick areas that the big picker can not reach such as around the flag or near the net that runs down the edge of the driving range. In addition, many of the older northern clubs do not have driving ranges but have small grassy areas to hit some smaller golf shots prior to your round of golf. This may seem a little extreme but these players want to simulate real conditions as much as possible. To recover the golf balls from PU anti-fatigue mat the bag, simply use the zipper on the side of the bag and empty.

Golf shag bags come in a couple of different sizes however; the majority of these practice bags hold approximately 50 60 golf balls.

Most golf shag bags are built typically the same way. Most golf courses have six to ten of these on hand at any one time.With the short game being such important part of the game, most good amateur and professional players own and use a golf shag bag. In addition, a golf shag bag allows them to pick balls that are in wet areas that the picker can not run through with out getting stuck or tearing up the turf on the practice facility. Again, being only a couple of feet tall and having collapsible bags, a golf ball shag bag is easy to store when it is not in use. You club may agree to keep it in the club storage area in the bag room. Some players fill their practice bags with golf balls that they have found on the golf course.

A golf shag bag makes picking up golf balls for several people.

Players fill their golf shag bag with different types of golf balls. Simply position the bottom of the tube on top of the ball and depress the metal or sometimes plastic tube that extends from the bag shaft over the golf ball that you would like to pick up. The practice golf bags can be stored in your trunk or your locker at the club.

Massage is a method that releases

7. Eating the right kinds of food is necessary to strengthen your muscles and bones including boost up in your immune system.



Massage is a method that releases stress and tension in the bones and muscles. These herbs may somehow relieve muscle tension.

Another type of water therapy is by drinking it. Exercise An additional effective and natural way to alleviate back pain is exercise. Simple back exercises like swimming, leg raises and trunk twist will do. Topical heat creams can be combined to further enhance the effectiveness of the massage. Individuals who suffer from lower back pain are usually obese, over the age of 40 and sometimes younger because of underlying disease. A massage therapist can provide you a relaxing massage or your loved one can do it for you. Luckily, listed below are some of the answers to relieve lower back pain naturally. Just be careful not to overdo it because it might cause more strain in the muscles on the back. Yoga Yoga is an ancient natural way to relieve back pain. Heat and Ice Therapy Heat and ice therapy is helpful in some back injuries and Yoga block back muscle strains.


Avoid unnecessary foods that are fatty, salty and sugary. Massage Therapy For sure, anyone who suffers from pain in the back loves to have a relaxing back massage.

3. Water therapy A nice hot shower or an hour of soak in a therapeutic bath tub would alleviate back pain. It also uses meditation techniques to release tension and stress in your mind and body.


Consider these natural tips to treat back pain and you can do your daily tasks at work and at home again.A lot of people cannot do their each day tasks because of persistent back pain. Diet Diet is important for you because there are things you have to eat and what not to eat.

People who suffer from pain in the back are always searching for natural ways on how to relieve back pain.

2. The pressure points that cause back pain in the body are specifically pricked using the needles to ease the aching back. Acupuncture Acupuncture is a non-surgical procedure that uses fine sterilized needles. Water therapy is effective since it massages your back and the hot water releases tension on muscle strains. Yoga techniques are used to flex the muscles and bones.

5. Make sure that these herbs are duly approved by the FDA for health safety.

. These are:

Chili pepper (capsaicin)
Green tea
Willow bark
Black mustard seeds

You can use some of these herbs as tea or you can directly apply it on the affected area. Herbal remedies There are different kinds of herbs that are effective in treating an aching back. Apply a heat pad or an ice pack on the affected area for 10 to 20 minutes or until back pain subsides. Read on and try these natural remedies my friend. These foods can make you obese resulting to improper support of your back to your body. Water flushes the toxins in the kidneys and the liver and it hydrates your muscles and bones as well to relieve back pain.

Keep up a good pace when walking

When you have finished on the green exit it quickly and do not stand around marking your scorecard.

Golf etiquette tip Yoga block10
If you hit a ball that looks like it might hit somebody or if you hit it over trees towards another fairway that you can’t see you must always shout “fore”.

Golf etiquette tip #5
Keep up a good pace when walking between shots so as not to hold up play. If a gap opens up between your group and the group in front of you then be prepared to call the players behind you through if they are having to wait for you. Never put your bag or cart on the green but leave them to the side, preferably near the point at which you will leave the green to get to the next tee.

Golf etiquette tip #6
If you land in a bunker rake it when you have finished.

Golf is a fantastic sport and if you follow these guidelines you shouldn’t go too far wrong so just go out and have a good game!

Golf etiquette 1
If you book a tee-off time ensure that you arrive punctually at the first tee, and do not take practice swings on that or any other tee, always take them to the side of the tee.

Golf etiquette tip #9
When tending the flag hold it so it doesn’t flap in the wind and make sure you do not cast a shadow over the hole. For the inexperienced player, golf etiquette can be a minefield so it pays to get to grips with the appropriate way to behave if you want to remain welcome on the course.

Golf etiquette tip #7
When you are playing up to a green make sure the players ahead of you have finished putting and are well clear of the green.If you are a novice golfer you need to be aware of the importance of golf etiquette within the Official Rules of Golf. If you hear another player shout “fore” # do not stand there looking around to see if the call was for your benefit, just cover your head with your arms and crouch down to make yourself as small a target as possible.

Golf etiquette tip #4
If you think a ball may be lost get used to playing a provisional shot so you do not have to return to the tee. Lift the flag out slightly so that you can remove it with ease as soon as your opponent has struck his putt. Do not get ahead of anyone who is playing a shot.

Golf etiquette tip #2
Always stand to the right of a player taking a shot and never directly behind. If the ball is lost, you are allowed five minutes to look for it but do be aware of people playing behind you and, if necessary, allow them to play through.

Golf etiquette tip #3
If you take a divot replace and always repair pitch marks on the green. If there is no rake available then use your clubhead.

Golf etiquette tip #8
Never tread on your opponent’s putting line and if you have to mark the position of your ball do so by placing a ball marker or coin directly behind the ball (unless it will interfere with another player’s line, in which case mark it to the side) and always replace your ball exactly where you picked it up from.