There are rules to govern

Post game

10. Understand the rules of golf. Holidays are, again, much more pleasant when you arent known as impatient among your fellow guests. Finding a lost ball

Never spend more than 5 minutes, dont waste time looking for lost causes and spend as much time looking for your opponents ball as you would yours.

Though seemingly obvious, a good understanding of the rules of the game is very important.

4. Be a sportsman

Golf is a sport so be a sportsman. Ask you local Pro for some guidance during your lessons.


9. Either put the earth sod back to where you made the divot or fill with hole with the sand mixture that is sometimes on the Tee or on the bubby. Order of play

The player furthest from the hole plays first in any golf game except when you are paired with a partner against another two players and you can choose you plays first for tactical reasons. Divots

Divots left un filled are more annoying than un raked bunkers. No one likes the double blow of finding out that firstly that their ball has landed in a bunker, and secondly that it is further trapped in the deep cave of someone elses foot print.

3. Knowing what to do and when to do it, makes a golfing holiday more enjoyable for everyone. Giving Mulligans

Mulligans are when you can have another shot with no penaltyUsually the first drive of the day. Everyone hits bad shots and has bad days so cntrol your temper when its your turnThe game wont get you down and your playing partners will laugh with you rather than at you. Always mark the card when moving from the green to the next tee.

2. Gimmes are when your ball is so close to the hole, your opponent lets you pick up the ball, knowing that you would have holed out anyway. This is because there are a series of unwritten rules as important as those written in the book. Settling up

Its not uncommon for side bets or wagers to be placed on a game.


5.A beginners guide to golf

For a seemingly easy idea, golf is rather complex. If you do enjoy a flutter never welch on a bet and be the first to buy a round of drinks when you win. Bunkers

While bunkers may seem like a huge inconvenience something to be hit from and then left as soon as possible golfing etiquette requires that you rake them thoroughly after use. This saves the embarrassment of having them explained to you through gritted teeth every few strokes and is the foundation of our entire TPE Yoga mat list if you dont know the rules, you wont be able to comprehend the etiquette.

1. There are rules to govern almost every eventuality, but if a novice were to learn the rule book and practice endlessly, he would still be unprepared. Scoring

You should also state your score when retrieving your ball from the hole and you should also take note of what your opponents score is.

8. At the Final Hole

Be a good loser and good winner gracious in defeat and magnanimous in victory.